Optimal Oral Hygiene Is Instrumental To Achieving A Healthier Life

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/07/2020

The effects of a healthy smile exceed beyond the teeth and gums. Find out how the connection between oral and overall health affects you.


How Lost Teeth Impact Several Parts Of A Patient's Smile

MINT Team of Doctors | 01/02/2020

If an adult has lost teeth, the impacts are visually present in the smile, and their dental wellness usually suffers, too.


Ways To Know If Expert Teeth Whitening is Ideal For Your Smile

MINT Team of Doctors | 12/31/2019

Medical-grade teeth whitening can restore your teeth and boost your self-confidence through state-of-the-art approaches.


Boost Your Smile With Invisalign Tooth Straightening Treatment

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/27/2019

The majority of orthodontic patients are opting for Invisalign over conventional braces because of their easy, basically invisible trays.


Typical Reasons And The Most Effective Treatments For Oral Pain

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/25/2019

Sore teeth and gums can be the result of multiple things, such as decay, inflammation, gum disease, broken fillings, and bruxism.


Beautify The Brightness of Your Smile With In-Office Bleaching Sessions

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/21/2019

Good first impressions are crucial. Learn how to elevate your self-esteem with a more luminous smile.


Effective Tips To Have The Greatest Results From Your Invisalign® Program

MINT Team of Doctors | 11/19/2019

Invisalign® therapy is an innovative way to upgrade the appearance of your smile, using a more convenient method in a shorter time.


Learn All About How Getting A Tooth Removed Can Boost General Dental Health

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/24/2019

Opting to have a tooth taken out can be important in addressing several dental issues, like infection, overcrowding, and noneruption.


The Safest Treatment for Brightening Your Stained, Yellowing Teeth

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/17/2019

Learn the top ways to whiten your smile, from over-the-counter choices to professional-grade at-home kits and in-office custom methods.


Leading Causes Why People Could Have Gum Recession and How To Manage It

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/10/2019

Gum erosion is a routine oral problem that is generally treated with SRP therapy, gum surgery, or gum grafts.


Gum Disease: The Major Facts Every Adult Needs To Recognize

MINT Team of Doctors | 10/03/2019

Periodontal disease is a well-known dental concern that can adversely influence the general health of thousands of individuals every year.


The Top 7 Things You Should Know About Ceramic Dental Veneers

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/26/2019

A popular aesthetic dental option, porcelain veneers look gorgeous and can mask flaws like chips, discoloration, gaps, and much more.


Discover Tooth-Colored Fillings

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/19/2019

Tooth-colored, composite resin fillings: the latest, most advanced, and best-looking cavity treatment provides more than aesthetic perks.


Restorative Smile Makeovers Could Greatly Raise Your General Well-Being

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/10/2019

Raising Self-Confidence Could Be Simple For People Who Don't Love The Appearance Of Their Teeth And Gums.


Your Mouth: How It Is Connected to Your General Health

MINT Team of Doctors | 09/08/2019

Poor oral health might impact your total health and could cause issues with cognition, birth weight, and blood sugar.


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